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DMW is proud to announce the formation of the
"Global Game Admin Association"


Recently ClanBase and DMW announced a new working partnership in the battle against cheats. It was suggested at that time to open a new section of the DMW forum that could be utilised by the ClanBase Admins as a place to get direct support from the DMW crew. It occurred to us that there are many leagues and ladder organisations that could also benefit from this type of support so the invitation went out to the Admins of Ladders and Leagues from around the globe to let us know if they would be interested.

In an astonishingly short space of time, we had Admins joining us from the USA, South America and Europe, and we are expecting more. Each and every Admin who joined immediately commented on what a good idea it was to have a meeting place where support for DMW related issues could be discussed.

The next part took everyone by surprise as Admins from the different organisations started to compare rules, ideas, and make suggestions to possible improvements. The result: Global Game Admin Association was born. The sole intention of this organisation is to promote a cheat free gaming platform for the world of online gamers, where clans can meet, have a war, and leave again knowing that they have won/lost purely because of a level of skill.

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