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Who are We?

DMW World is staffed by like minded individuals who came together through online gaming stretching across a broad age range and from many areas mainly across Europe.

As an avid gamer, and with a disdain for online gaming becoming ruined by a core element of cheaters, players who could not win by skill or fortune alone, a plan was devised by a talented programmer who decided he could make a difference. He set about creating a team of people with the sole function of creating a program that would not only deter cheaters from ruining the online experience of others, but would remove these cheats them from the communities surrounding online gaming all together.

The current team were chosen for different reasons, many of them progressing through the companies support forum as "moderators" who showed outstanding knowledge of computer systems, gaming techniques and cheating techniques to form the core of DMW World. To be an effective company for the client base DMW World is aiming at, it was decided long ago that it takes a "gamer to know a gamer".

DMW World is effectively four teams of individuals who work towards a single purpose.

First and foremost are the Research and Development team consisting players who used to create cheats for online games (who better than a cheat coder to know how to block cheats!) and a small team of coders who write the applications that have become used across the globe.

To assist the Research and Development team there are three other departments that deal with general support to the gaming world, promotion and lastly, but by no means of any less importance, the cheat reporting team who take both the data gathered by the DMW software and their own knowledge of cheating methods and techniques to determine if a player who is "caught" is actually trying to gain an unfair advantage over other gamers by using illegal files or game settings. Once a decision is made on each player, a report is made to the public listing that has been caught recently and for what deviance to the game that player has been caught for.

In essence, DMW World makes a difference to the online experience of gaming communities because it understands the needs of these communities. It is important to never lose touch with the basic principal that to provide effective software for online gamers, you need to know what these people need, and that is where DMW succeeds.

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