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DMW Client Account Creation
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DMW logs all activity on the DMW network, this includes every IP address, back route trace, Mac Address('s) and hardware information.

On creating an account you fully agree to the terms of the DMW EULA, and you understand that these are legally binding to youself. If the EULA is broken, this includes creating another account after being BANNED, your information will be submitted in full to your ISP, which will fully identify you on their network and an abuse claim will be submitted.

EULA can be found here

If you already have an account, and are unable to activate it then please login with this account and raise a ticket, or use the forgot password system if you cannot remember your login details. Creating a new account will only slow down the process and any new accounts will automatically be disabled.

Free email accounts such as hotmail are barred from DMW, please use your ISP assigned email address, all accounts registered with a fre email account will be disabled, this is a method to stop returning cheaters.

IP Address: Logged
Back Trace: Partial - 3 Waypoints logged
ISP Lookup: Logged
NSID: Logged

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